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I favorite art I like, so don't be discouraged that I don't comment. I follow over five hundred people on this site; it takes a lot of time to go through my notifications. I swear I love all of the art I have in here.

Which one should I finish first? 

7 deviants said The lake by my house... by secretagentTexas
5 deviants said Casual Asche by secretagentTexas
No deviants said Wait... This isn't a Men's Photoshoot by secretagentTexas
No deviants said Modern AU Asche by secretagentTexas

To-Do List

Bulletwhite by Wooded-Wolf"Les Ėtapes de L'amour."
Bulletwhite by Wooded-WolfChapter 20 and 21 of Will's backstory.
Bulletwhite by Wooded-WolfDraw Petsin's character, Bethany, as well as the continuation of their side comic.
Bulletwhite by Wooded-WolfWrite the two fanfics, one bad, one good. (joke b/w Petsin and I)
Bulletwhite by Wooded-WolfCreate character concepts, which includes them in uniform, in seasonal/situation outfits, in combat, in training, in leisure time, when injured, angles & expressions (w/different hairstyles), face w/mask, eyes, weapons (unique ones), and unique features.
Bulletwhite by Wooded-WolfMake a map of Anatole, colonies, and Nuess.
Bulletwhite by Wooded-WolfVideo of my drawing process.
Bulletwhite by Wooded-WolfMy characters in Modern outfits.
Bulletwhite by Wooded-WolfRaffle winner's pictures.


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    Because JulyCece asked to know more about my characters, I'm posting this like it's a tag, where deviants are required to post eight facts about their characters, but I'll doing it for many of my characters. Hopefully none of this will spoil my story. They're just trivial facts.

    First character... Rhys Thayer. Rhys: Undercover by secretagentTexas
    1. SURPRISE! He's my main character, though I haven't posted much about him. Truth be told, I need to develop him more because I'm having trouble thinking up a sufficient enough plot to write an entire book for his backstory. He grew up working at a bakery, which let him take bread as some of his payment, so he had enough to eat, and he's pretty fit. It also makes it to where he's a good cook.
    2. He's a social butterfly who dislikes seeing loners because he feels bad for them. He's my most empathetic character, to the point that he goes out of traditional ways to do a servant's job when he's a guest, and to the point that Asche says he's too empathetic for his own good. When he sees loners, he forces them in conversations, which sometimes ends up where people think he's annoying.
    3. He has a half-inch scar on the left side of his throat, which he got when he was four.
    4. I liked the idea that characters of different nationalities speak their most dominate language from their ancestors. For example, since Asche is mostly Dutch, she speaks Dutch, etc. However, since Rhys is mostly English, he's my only character who's not bilingual. This fact makes him sad.
    5. Ever since he could remember, he's had a strong urge to go northeast, and whenever he strongly wishes for something, bad events happen. However, some of these bad events actually save his life. Both of these facts are actually important.
    6. I would share his greatest fears, but that would actually be a huge spoiler for my story, and I want to avoid that (a point I make with my characters is that I make them face their biggest fears in very cruel ways). His smaller fears are of snakes, being alone, and a particular person whom I cannot disclose. Sorry. XP
    7. He loves looking at the sky and thinking about what clouds and stars look like. For his birthday, Will and Asche get him a book about constellations.
    8. People say he has giant, honest eyes, and they express every thought in his head. Because he's also verbally expressive, this usually gets him into trouble.
    9. I'm going to add an extra fact for him because I need to share more about him. When he sleeps, he cuddles whatever he can, whether it be a pillow, blanket, or another person. Though it doesn't mean much in the story, it's a cute little fact.


                        Second character... Asche Maïsveld. A Trip to Town by secretagentTexas (I'll post the facts from the previous fact-tag-thing I did for her)
                      1.  She's like a clean and control freak. It's not an obsession to be clean; it's what she would prefer out of habit due to tending to wounds, and she's more concerned about keeping things straight than clean. For control, it's something that she simply wants over herself and her own life; she doesn't want to control others.
                      2. Her biggest fears are losing control and drowning, both of which she has to face.
                      3. She's asexual, panromantic. The relationship she has (that I want to get across) is based on an emotional connection, not a physical attraction as her partner is demisexual, biromantic.
                      4. She's 5'11/2" (about 156 cm.) Her parents are short, and she got that trait.
                      5. As both a symbol and a pun, Asche gets a tattoo along her spine: a vine of mountain ash leaves and flowers, starting on the nape of her neck and ending on her tailbone. It can be seen here.
                      6. She's a good hunter, sharpshooter, strategist, and fighter, but she's bad in social situations, inept at singing, dancing, and drawing, and a terrible, terrible cook.
                      7. She loves foxes (like me!) and gets a stuffed animal plush of one for her birthday (from Rhys).
                      8. Since she hates social situations, she trained herself (with the much-needed help of her sister) to deduce a person's characteristics, personality, and past given what she knows of them. It often ends in awkward moments anyway with Rhys having to explain why she does it. This results in her not having many friends.

                                        Third character... William 326-1123. William: Stealth Uniform by secretagentTexas
                                    1. His personality and conditions are heavily based on mine: he's a prude, extremely awkward, an insomniac, loses his appetite when he's stressed, and he cannot understand human emotion/motivations very well. He is highly emotional, but he doesn't know how to express or understand it well, like Rei Ayanami from the Evangelion series, except he's way more expressive. Complicated emotions confuse him.
                                    2. People say he has a feminine figure for a boy. It is possible. Some men have rather wide hips.
                                    3. He loves to read, having the catchphrase "I read in a book once..." When others look at him strangely for contributing to a conversation about tales, fables, etc., he constantly has to tell them, "What? You know I read a lot."
                                    4. He likes animals, but cats take the gold, and he has a love for anything cinnamon.
                                    5. Really the only things he's good at are fighting, playing the piano, and math. Music is based on math, and there tends to be a rhythm in combat. I would also say strategy also contributes a lot in fighting. His aim with guns is about the worst thing a person could witness.
                                    6. He fears intimacy, sudden touch by someone he doesn't know/can't see, and being forced to be in dark places. He prefers to be in dark places but only when it's his choice.
                                    7. Hmmm... I don't know if I should tell you guys this, but... he's an amputee. From multiple occasions.
                                    8. He's left-handed. In most senses of the word, I want him to be a "minority" character, as in many of the things about him would be considered uncommon or strange in today's society.

                                        Fourth character... Kira Romanov. Kira: Familiar by secretagentTexas
                                    1. She's very Russian. I don't know why, but ever since I thought of her character (to which I've sadly added hardly any development), I wanted her to be Russian. First, her surname was 'Rose', but that's not at all a Russian name.
                                    2. Though she's a main character, I don't plan to introduce her to the series until book three (BTW, it'll be a six book series with three backstories and a followup trilogy... or so I hope; hahaha... I've only written one of them so far... ;~;). I want people to question if she's a good person when things start to go down. I actually want everyone to question if all of my main characters are truly "good".
                                    3. After certain events in the third book, she uses a knife to cut off her hair, both out of anger and because it's easier to manage.
                                    4. She's from a VERY high class, which allowed her to start on her dream career early. She's a psychiatrist and working at her medical skills. Naturally, these skills come in handy in the series. She saves Rhys' life (many times in small ways) twice in impactful ways.
                                    5. When I first created her, she was blonde and straight-haired. After some consideration about how to make a more diverse cast, I made her a red-head with wavy hair.
                                    6. She's a kind and light-hearted girl, but she's well aware of the violence around her and knows how to handle it. Otherwise, she wouldn't be a very good doctor, whether in medicine or psychology. Nevertheless, she doesn't enjoy seeing death, nor does she take it well when she has to defend herself to the point that it costs another his/her life.
                                    7. Coming from her class, she starts out a little chubby, but when things get messy, she forces herself to work out and gain more muscle.
                                    8. Seeing as I haven't developed her much, I'll need help to create more flaws to her, but right now I see her has a social person. She even befriends Rhys' rival. XD But again, I need to add more thought to her.
                                        I have yet to draw many of my characters and put them through development. I've drawn some of them, like Luc Luc by secretagentTexas: he takes the innocent, uplifting role of the story; Uta Who is this? by secretagentTexas: he's a foil character of sorts because though he causes friction with one of the main characters, they are actually quite similar; Ilian, Kale, and Dae and Galen (the one picture of Galen still on here is where his face is hidden): they take on the idea that people can be good even if their entire life is built around immorality; it's not their choice that they have to do whatever they can to survive. Also, they maintain order where there practically is none.
                                        My characters are of different backgrounds, ethnicity, I can't exactly say beliefs because religion is vague in my verse, and so on. More than half of them are POC (I just need to draw them). Though sexuality doesn't play that big of a part in the series, I do have LGBTQA characters (two of my main characters are "queer"). I have a few characters who are non-binary. I say that since there has been and always will be every kind of person in the world, I wish to do the same in my story.
                                        If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I should be able to answer them.


                                    Second semester of college starts tomorrow for me, so art may be a bit slow. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually learn to manage my time.


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